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What makes a top criminal lawyer?


There are many lawyers to choose from. At Stevenson Legal, we stand by our results. Over the years our criminal lawyers have helped clients achieve the outcomes they are looking for. Whether it’s a drink driving matter, violence restraining order, drug charge, an alleged assault or an extraordinary drivers licence application, our criminal lawyers:

–          listen to what our clients want;

–          have a sound understanding of the law;

–          are meticulous in preparation; and

–          have the courtroom experience to advance your case persuasively.

No one wants to go to court which is why if possible, we look for ways to resolve the matter without needing to. However, if you do need to go to court, Stevenson Legal’s criminal lawyers are ready to help.

No two criminal cases are the same

Our expert team at Stevenson Legal understand the complexities surrounding criminal law and have the experience and understanding to act accordingly in your best interest. Through great attention to detail, knowledge of the ins and outs of Criminal Law and a strategic approach, our top criminal lawyers are able to consistently achieve great results.

Providing the best advice and representation in all areas of Criminal Law with extensive experience in Criminal Law, Stevenson Legal provides advice and representation in criminal, drink driving, traffic, restraining order, bail matters and criminal injury compensation.

Our seasoned team are experienced in dealing with the most complex and challenging cases in Perth, Western Australia. From small, straight forward cases to larger and more complex legal issues, our top criminal lawyers are well versed in all aspects of Criminal Law and can offer assistance in advancing your case.

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