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How to get back on the road

  • We can help you drive by way of an Extraordinary Drivers Licence
  • Serious penalties can apply for driving without authority in Western Australia
  • Stevenson Legal may be able to assist in getting your authority to drive reinstated

Driving Under Suspension in WA

‘Driving without authority’ includes driving while suspended or disqualified, driving on a cancelled or expired licence, driving while under unpaid fines suspensions, and driving where no licence has been obtained.

It is important to review the reason why the prosecution assert you do not have authority to drive as the precise reason will impact upon what sort of fines might be imposed, the periods of disqualification that may be ordered, and whether the court can consider a term of imprisonment.

It is equally important to review the specific circumstances of each case to identify any arguable defences for negotiation with police, or argument in court.

The experienced lawyers at Stevenson Legal are equipped with a sound knowledge of traffic law and can represent clients who have been accused of driving without authority in Western Australia.

Penalties for driving under suspension in WA

In Western Australia, driving without authority is treated as a serious offence. If convicted, offenders may face monetary penalties, further periods of suspension, and/or imprisonment. Driving without authority can compound a person’s existing problems particularly if they are punished by way of a further cumulative disqualification from driving.

Generally speaking, the courts are reluctant to impose immediate terms of imprisonment for driving while suspended. However, the legislation in Western Australia allows the court to impose terms of imprisonment and they will do so when the circumstances are appropriate. It’s strongly advised that you seek legal advice before going to court.

How to get back on the road

If your authority to drive has been revoked and you need your licence for work or health reasons Stevenson Legal may be able to assist in getting your authority to drive reinstated by way of an Extraordinary Drivers Licence. Our Stevenson Legal experts are available to advise, over the phone or by appointment, the application process for an Extraordinary Driver’s Licence, and the relevant law, which we then apply to your specific situation.


Very impressed and highly recommended. I was charged with driving on a suspended license, and after getting an Extraordinary License was charged again for breaching it and was facing what I thought was a certain cancellation of the license. Nick addressed everything beautifully and made the prosecutor drop some charges and I walked away with a fine only.
Kulwin Dhanoa
Highly recommended, very professional, great outcome and just a really good man. I had tried multiple lawyers, 6 or 7 of them from the Perth area, he was the most straight forward and honest, the rest were humming and haaaring about my case, if it wasn't for Nick Stevenson I would be sitting behind bars right now, thank you Stevenson Legal. Best in the business!
Tyson Mabbett
Efficient, effective and professional. I highly recommend Stevenson Legal. His presence and knowledge when we were in the court was very impressive. I could not be happier with the outcome.
Catalane Cave
I wasn’t in a good place and I feared for the worst when I found Nick. Within a few minutes of discussion I was made to feel I had viable options and control of my life back. The results were fantastic and I couldn’t recommend them higher- it’s fast, affordable and fantastic service from day one!
I researched lawyers for a long time to represent a friend. Nick got a great outcome at the hearing, much better than expected. He is an extremely good lawyer. Very intelligent and efficient. He really went above and beyond. Thank you so much Nick.
Charlotte Adams

Impounding Penalties for Driving Under Suspension

In certain circumstances, driving without authority or under suspension is an “impounding” offence in Western Australia. If your vehicle is seized you will usually need to pay for the costs of impounding, towing, and any applicable storage and administration fees.

The police may impound the vehicle used in the commission of the offence or alternatively may seek to impound a third party vehicle depending on the circumstances.

If your vehicle has been impounded and you have paid for its release, you should ensure you keep the receipt. If your vehicle was not lawfully impounded, you may be able to negotiate for reimbursement of cost

Breach Conditions of Extraordinary Driver’s Licence

Driving contrary to the conditions of your extraordinary driver’s licence will not usually be dealt with as a charge of driving without authority. Instead, there are specific offences dealing with driving contrary to the terms of an extraordinary driver’s licence. If convicted of driving contrary to the terms of your extraordinary driver’s licence, the court must impose a fine of up to $1,200.00 and must cancel the extraordinary driver’s licence unless persuaded that there are exceptional circumstances that would justify a fine only.

If you have been charged with breaching the conditions of your extraordinary driver’s licence, you should seek legal advice as soon as possible prior to your court date. You may only have one opportunity to argue that your extraordinary licence should not be cancelled.

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