Legal Costs


During the free phone call we can advise as to:

  • Whether we act in the relevant area of law for your matter
  • Any immediate steps that should be taken prior to initial consultation
  • Any documents that should be brought with you to the initial consultation
  • A general outline of likely costs and time-frames associated with your matter

*Please note that we are unable to provide legal advice prior to a 1 hour appointment.

Speeding Fine Consultation (Telephone only) Reduced price – $150.00 (plus. GST)

No Obligation 1 Hour Appointment – $250.00 (plus. GST)

During this meeting we can give you:

  • A thorough legal assessment of your matter
  • Advice as to your available defences/strategies
  • Information as to the best way for you to proceed in preparation for your matter
  • Advice as to likely sentences/outcomes
  • A specific estimate of likely costs and time-frames

Ongoing representation

If you choose to proceed after the initial no obligation appointment we will provide the following:

  • Full conduct of your matter including negotiation with the prosecution and other parties
  • Preparation of your case
  • Attending court appearances
  • Dealing with any and all other matters relating to your case

We can discuss an hourly rate or a set fee for each matter, as set out in our Cost Agreement.

Unlike other firms, we do not charge for postage, photocopying, or faxing.