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Our Legal costs and rates

Whether you just want to speak with us for a one off consultation, or engage us to see you through to the end, Stevenson Legal provides high quality advice and representation at reasonable rates.
  • Up to 15 minute free call
  • No obligation 1 hour appointment - $250.00 (plus. GST)
  • Ongoing representation

Legal Costs

Up to 15 minute free call

During the free phone call we can advise as to:

  • Whether we act in the relevant area of law for your matter
  • Any immediate steps that should be taken prior to initial consultation
  • Any documents that should be brought with you to the initial consultation
  • A general outline of likely costs and time-frames associated with your matter

*Please note that proper legal advice requires that we know all the relevant facts and that we take the time to ask all the relevant questions. While we are happy to speak with you to ensure that we can help, we are unable to provide legal advice prior to a 1-hour appointment.

No obligation 1 hour appointment – $250.00 (plus. GST)

During this meeting we can give you:

  • A thorough legal assessment of your matter
  • Advice as to your available defences/strategies
  • Information as to the best way for you to proceed in preparation for your matter
  • Advice as to likely sentences/outcomes
  • A specific estimate of likely costs and time-frames

Ongoing representation

If wish to engage us to help after the initial consultation we will provide the following:

  • Written estimates of timeframes and fees
  • Full conduct of your matter including negotiation with the prosecution and other parties
  • Preparation of your case
  • Attending at court appearances
  • Dealing with any and all other matters relating to your case
  • Transparent billing so you can see exactly what work we have done for you

We can discuss an hourly rate or a set fee for each matter, as set out in our Costs Agreement.

Unlike other firms, we do not charge for postage, photocopying, or faxing.


I found Stevenson Legal to be extremely professional, great value for money, and I got my desired outcome. Stevenson Legal will be my first call if I ever need legal services again. Thanks Nick! Great service!
Jessica Bull
I recently engaged Nicholas Stevenson of Stevenson Legal to represent me against a charge that carried a substantial fine and imprisonment. Nick successfully argued in court that the offence was at the lower end of the penalty range which resulted in saving me a great deal of money. I highly recommend him.
Alun Dufty
I sent $1,000 to Stevenson Legal by mistake. I was meaning to transfer the money from one account into another but somehow pressed the payee as Stevenson Legal instead. I was in England when Nick Stevenson contacted me by email about my mistake and asked for my account details so that he could send me a refund. Being on holiday I promptly forgot about it. Then he reminded me again with another email and again he reminded me on my return to Perth. His persistence and honesty in returning my money is to be lauded. I wish all lawyers, indeed all people, were as fair and honest as Nick Stevenson.
David Chye