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How to apply for an Extraordinary Drivers Licence

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  • We have made literally hundreds of extraordinary driver’s licence applications with an extremely high success rate.
  • Our clients are assisted by our thorough knowledge of the law, advice tailored to your specific circumstances, and above all, our experience.
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Extraordinary Driver’s Licences

Are you wondering how to apply for an Extraordinary Driver’s Licence in WA?

At Stevenson Legal, we have made literally hundreds of Extraordinary Driver’s Licence applications with an extremely high success rate. The reason isn’t luck. Our clients are assisted by a thorough knowledge of the law, a deep understanding of the rules of evidence and, above all, experience in presenting applications in a detailed and persuasive manner. If you want to know why Stevenson Legal should be your first choice for representation and preparation of your application, scroll down to read some of the reviews from our previous clients who are now back on the road.


After a terrible experience with another lawyer we sought out the services of Nick for an EDL application and am so glad we did , Nick is professional and clearly very experienced, he made the process simple for us with the exact outcome we where hoping for , highly recommend! Thanks again Nick.
Chris M
I engaged Stevenson Legal to represent me in my extraordinary license application. At all times Nick was thorough and diligent. This resulted in me being granted an 'E' License which has helped me tremendously. Very happy with the service and would recommend him in a heartbeat.
Ben Martin
I can highly recommend Nick Stevenson without his representation I would not have my extraordinary driver's licence for which I am truly grateful, I can now keep my job which I was in danger of losing, Nick is always available friendly, understanding and speaks in easy to understand language, never judgemental, Simply the best
Wendy Andri
Nick was very professional in the handling of my son Adams application for his EDL. Nick is very direct and honest we thought our son would get refused but Nicks preparation and legal knowledge got our son through this dark chapter. I would have no hesitation in recommending Nick, Thanks again Nick
Karen Bowers
Highly recommend Nick he has helped me with 2 cases first one lifting a life licence ban and now getting my extraordinary lic condition changed to allow me a truck lic when the prosecutors objected it. Both cases he was successful very knowledgeable with law great help HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Damien Jurgens
This experience of losing my licence has been one of the toughest to deal with but dealing with Nick Stevenson has been one of the best outcomes I could have imagined. His professionalism and attention to detail in his organisational skills are second to none and made my court experience feel like a breeze. I was honoured my extraordinary licence by the judge on the day with no fuss whatsoever. Thank you Nick Stevenson I am very pleased I chose you to be my lawyer through a tough situation. Thank you
Jarrod Coote
Nick was very professional from the onset with my case. Nick informed me of all required information throughout the whole process and made it very simple and stress free. I applied for EDL which was required for work purposes. Due to a thorough collection of supporting documents and a extensive justification as to why my EDL was necessary we were successful. Not only were we successful in being granted my EDL but all desired outcomes were achieved, only the mandatory restrictions were applied to my EDL. Due to the successful outcome of my hearing I have been able to continue with my employment without any worry or repercussions and most importantly loss of income. I can't thank Nick enough for his efforts and I highly recommend anyone who finds themself in a similar situation to seek his services asap to achieve the best possible outcome. Thankyou again Nick!
I was first introduced to Nick Stevenson from Stevenson Legal in December 2013. My Licence was Cancelled and I was required to apply for a Extraordinary Drivers Licence. From the first meeting with Nick,I was so impressed with his High Attention to Detail and Customer Service. He helped me Organized all the Information Required,His Focus on Completing Task and working collaboratively to ensure a consist approach was shared. On the day i was required in Court, Nick was able to guild me thru the procedure and what i should expect. With out his help,i would still be without a licence. I have No Problem recommending Nick Stevenson to any of my Business Associates and Look forward to employing his services in the future.
Ashley Newick

Extraordinary Licence WA FAQs

What is an Extraordinary Driver's Licence?

Often referred to as an EDL, an Extraordinary Drivers Licence is a driver's licence that allows someone who has previously been disqualified from driving on the roads to drive under certain circumstances, I.e., to drive to and from work only. An Extraordinary Driver’s Licence can only be granted at the discretion of the WA State court and involves strict conditions and harsh penalties (if breached).

If your application for an Extraordinary Driver’s Licence is successful, you will need to display your ‘E’ plates on your vehicle at all times whilst you’re driving on any/all Western Australian roads.

When can I apply for an extraordinary licence?

You can lodge an application for an extraordinary licence after the initial waiting period has lapsed. The waiting period will depend on the reason you were disqualified and the number and type of previous offences. The waiting period will range between 21 days and four months. If a roadside disqualification has been imposed, that roadside disqualification will need to end before an application can be made.

What is an E plate in WA?

An E plate or (extraordinary driver’s licence) is a special licence that allows an individual who has been disqualified from driving permission to drive under specific circumstances. An E plate must be applied for and is granted by the West Australian courts for financial or medical reasons.

How much does an extraordinary licence cost in WA?

Currently, the filing fee for an extraordinary driver’s licence application is $255.00. The filing fee usually increases by a small amount each year.

How to apply for an Extraordinary Driver’s Licence in WA

Want to know how to apply for an Extraordinary Driver’s Licence? Our Stevenson Legal experts are available to advise, over the phone or by appointment, on the application process for an Extraordinary Driver’s Licence, and the relevant law, which we then apply to your specific situation.

Below is an outline of everything you need to know when applying for a successful Extraordinary Driver’s Licence in WA.

Firstly, you need to know whether or not you are eligible to apply at all. While most people under disqualification from driving can apply, not everybody can do so. For example, people under demerit point suspensions may not be able to apply. However, if you’re subjected to both court ordered suspensions and demerit point suspensions, the situation may become more complex and you should seek advice.

Secondly, you need to know what the waiting periods are before you can apply. This can vary depending on the reason for your disqualification and is also impacted by roadside disqualifications for drink driving offences. It is important to note that the date that you can first apply for an Extraordinary Driver’s Licence is not the date that the court will hear your application – that will take place later on. We can quantify all the above for you and give you a precise and certain date for your application so you know the earliest date you can get back on the road.

Thirdly, you need to know the legislative criteria. In order for the court to consider your application, you must demonstrate that you meet the criteria of ‘needing’ an Extraordinary Drivers Licence for health or employment reasons. Even if you satisfy the court that you need the extraordinary licence, the court must then go on to consider whether you ought to be given an Extraordinary Driver’s Licence. They will take into consideration several factors, such as your conduct since losing your licence, your character, the circumstances behind your loss of licence, and critically, any danger you pose to public safety.

Fourthly, you need to know what conditions the court may wish to impose on you in the event that you are issued an Extraordinary Driver’s Licence. Conversely, if there are conditions that the court would usually apply that may cause unnecessary inconvenience for you, you will need to mount a persuasive case as to why those conditions should not be imposed. Of course, simply knowing the answers to the above questions will rarely be sufficient. You also need to know how to adequately evidence your arguments and submissions in a way that is acceptable to the court. Many applicants with good claims for an Extraordinary Driver’s Licence can fail due to a lack of properly prepared evidence in support.

Finally, you need to be persuasive in bringing all of the above factors together in a cogent and forceful way that satisfies the court that it ought to grant the application you are seeking. This is important because if your application is refused, you cannot apply again for a further six months.

We don’t apply a ‘one size fits all approach for our clients. All advice is tailored to your specific situation, no matter how complex it may be.

Get in touch today to apply for an Extraordinary Drivers Licence

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Since 2010, the grounds upon which an Extraordinary Driver’s Licence in Perth can be obtained has become significantly narrower.

During that year, the Western Australian Parliament passed laws that made applying for an Extraordinary Driver’s Licence in Perth or Western Australia much more difficult. Currently, the Magistrates Court of Western Australia, which hears the majority of Extraordinary Driver’s Licence applications, has to take into regard a range of factors. These factors include:

  • The safety of the public, your criminal and traffic record
  • The circumstances surrounding your loss of licence
  • Your conduct since losing your licence
  • Whether you are a person of good character

Don’t leave your driver’s licence up to chance.

Contact our team at Stevenson Legal today for any help you need with preparing, presenting and arguing your Extraordinary Driver’s Licence application.

Even if the court is persuaded that those factors go in your favour, it cannot grant an Extraordinary Driver’s Licence unless it is satisfied that without one, you:

  • Will be unable to provide urgent medical attention for yourself or a family member
  • Will face an undue financial burden by being deprived of your principle means of obtaining income
  • Will be deprived of your only practicable means of travelling to your place of employment

It’s important that you are not only aware of the nuances of the new legislation, and the mandatory waiting periods before applying, but also that you know how to go about presenting evidence that supports your claim. If your application is not successful, you are unable to make another application for six months.

Our Stevenson Legal experts can answer any questions you may have before preparing your case.

You will need to appear in court and give ‘Evidence in Chief’ in support of your claim. The Department of Transport has in-house solicitors that appear in every application. If they don’t agree with your Extraordinary Driver's Licence application, they’ll oppose it, subject you to a ‘Cross Examination’, and make closing arguments to the court why it shouldn’t be granted.


As the experienced professionals in Extraordinary Driver’s Licences, our team at Stevenson Legal can:

  • Take your instructions and identify any ‘problem areas’
  • Draft cogent and fully-evidenced written submissions that set out and evidence your application
  • Liaise with the solicitors for the Department of Transport Prosecutors and seek to resolve any issues ahead of, not during, your application
  • Prepare you for Court, and Examination in Chief, objecting to any inappropriate Cross Examination questions
  • Guide you through the process all the way from your first consultation to putting the keys in the ignition
  • Present persuasive closing arguments to the court


See below to learn about some of the recently successful Extraordinary Driver’s Licence applications our Stevenson Legal lawyers have acted on.

  • Air conditioning technician, aged 33, lost their licence due to a low-range drink driving offence (second offence). Applicant’s partner was unable to work due to medical issues and loss of employment would have left the household with no income.
  • Self-employed landscaper, aged 55, lost their licence due to a mid-range drink driving offence (first offence). Applicant had a strong case but needed assistance in preparing documents and supporting evidence.
  • Communications technician working on a mine site, aged 35, lost their licence due to a high range drink driving offence. Applicant had shown remorse for this one-off offence and was able to keep employment due to successful application.
  • Site supervisor on construction site, aged 55, lost their licence due to very high-range drink driving offence. Strong motivation to change drinking habits and close family support assisted this client with their successful application.
  • Retail manager, aged 28, lost licence due to a mid-range drink driving offence. The court was satisfied that all criteria had been met and evidenced. Client very happy to be back at work with only minimal disruption to their working life.