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The Misuse of Drugs Act 1981 makes your possession, sale, supply, or manufacture of certain drugs a criminal offence, and one that the courts take very seriously.

If you have been charged with a drug offence you will likely need a drug lawyer in Perth and Stevenson Legal can assist. A conviction for a breach of drug law in Perth can have far reaching consequences from prison sentences, criminal records and even confiscation of your property. For that reason it is vital that every aspect of drug law is scrutinised to see if you have any defence to a charge of breaching drug law.

If you don’t have a workable defence and are going to be sentenced there is still much assistance our drug lawyers in Perth can provide. For low end offending there is usually a prospect that the court may be convinced to order a spent conviction, meaning that the offence does not show up on your criminal record. For more serious offending, and particularly when drug use is a serious habit, the court may be convinced to referred you to a specialised drug law court which can lessen your sentence significantly.

In any event, a full appraisal of the case against you and your best options going forward is essential to achieving the best outcome possible. Call Stevenson Legal and arrange a consultation for any drug law issues you are facing.