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Assault is an unfortunate reality in life. And it’s one that the courts take very seriously. However, there is often more to the story than what the police may allege. If you have been charged with common assault, assault occasioning bodily harm, grievous bodily harm, or wounding, our assault lawyers in Perth can help you.

There are a range of legal defences surrounding assault law set out in the Criminal Code and interpreted by the courts that may mean that your alleged use of force was not unlawful. You may have been acting in self defence of yourself or another, you may have been provoked, or you may not have intended for force to be used at all.

If you’re facing assault charges, there are other less obvious defences that may be available, particularly if you are alleged to have assaulted a public, or police officer.

Stevenson Legal is experienced in dealing with assault law in Perth and we will look at all aspects of assault law to get you the best result possible.

If there is no workable defence for your assault charges, our experience in assault law can still assist. Were there mitigating factors that the court should take into account prior to sentence? Are there reasons to give you a spent conviction so the assault does not show up on your record? Can the court be persuaded that a fine is an appropriate sentence, or that any term of imprisonment should be suspended?

If you need advice regarding assault charges, Stevenson Legal can help. Call us today for any enquiry regarding assault law in Perth.