Violence and Misconduct Restraining Orders Perth

Applications for Violence and Misconduct Restraining Orders in Perth frequently arise from stressful situations. If you feel that you need the protection of the law, we can help by taking you through the process of restraining orders step by step, negotiating with the other side, and if necessary arguing your restraining order application before a Magistrate.

Not all violence restraining order applications have merit. If you are the subject of an interim order, it can restrict your freedom by limiting where you can go or talk to, from going home, or even from seeing your children. If the restraining order case against you is without merit, we have a track record of getting applications dismissed, either by consent or by trial.

We can assist restraining order cases in greater Perth by:

  • Negotiating with the other parties involved, to see if the violence restraining order application can be resolved without undue expense and delay
  • Advising on your ability to recoup legal costs from the other party
  • Preparing your case and appearing in court to fight for your rights

If you require legal advice and representation regarding a violence restraining order in Perth, contact our criminal law firm today.