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Domestic Violence Courts


Family Violence Courts are a special branch of the courts general constitution and aim to break the cycle of family violence. They are presided over by a Magistrate, but the court has broader powers than would usually be found in the Perth Magistrates Court.

The Family Violence Court provides a number of programs that address the underlying factors that cause common assaults and serious assaults and other anti-social behaviour.

In order to be considered for the Family Violence Court you will need to persuade the Magistrate that you are serious about your contrition and willingness to change. Pleading guilty to the offence is only the first step; and acceptance into the court is by no means guaranteed. The court refers an offender to be assessed by a court official who will then report back to the court and provide an assessment of suitability as well as any risks posed.

If the assessment is positive, the court will consider particular programs that are best tailored to the needs of the offender. Successful completion is taken into account by the court when considering the appropriate sentence.

Stevenson Legal has experience in having clients referred to the Family Violence Court and our Perth solicitors can represent you at interim hearings to assess suitability and for sentencing in all registries of the Magistrates Court from Armadale to Joondalup. Commonly the nature of the charges mean that it will be appropriate to have an assault lawyer in Perth providing advice and representation; Stevenson Legal is well versed in assault law and can provide advice both on possible defences, and likely sentences.


While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of its contents, this article does not constitute, and is not intended to be, legal advice. All cases differ in their circumstances and the only way to obtain reliable legal advice applicable to your circumstances is to arrange a consultation with Stevenson Legal.

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